3 Tips For Creating A Fantastic Trade Show Booth

3 Tips For Creating A Fantastic Trade Show Booth

3 Tips For Creating A Fantastic Trade Show Booth

Trade show season is often the busiest and most important time of the year for companies that specialize in B2B (business-to-business) products and services. With almost every company descending at the trade show venue, it can become quite difficult for your trade show booth to stand out from the competition. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your booth definitely makes a positive impression with visitors. Here are 3 tips on how you can use gadgets and technology to create a trade show booth that will be envy of your competitors.

Incorporate QR codes wherever you can

In the hustle and bustle of trade shows, it is extremely important to ensure that information can be shared quickly. This is where QR codes prove to be very handy. Generally, QR codes are seen as marketing tools and very few people bother to explore its full potential. However, you can use QR codes to great advantage during a trade show. Make sure QR codes are easily visible and that you have them placed wherever you can find space in the booth. It goes without saying that having a QR code on the banner is the most effective way to grab people’s attention. When scanned, the QR code can provide the user with all the necessary contact information, as well as links to websites and social media profiles. No longer do you have to fret about the possibility of running out of business cards to hand out.

Out with the cardboard props, in with LED screens

The whole point of a trade show is to not only expose your brand to the market, but to posture yourself as superior to your competitors. The most common sight during at any trade show booth is the cardboard cut-outs and displays that do their best to “inform” visitors, while trying not to appear drab. An excellent way to make your booth stand out is by getting rid of the cardboard props and replacing them with LED screens. Instead of reading about your product or service, visitors can watch a demo video explaining it. In addition, you cannot deny that LED screens are more likely to draw visitors than tacky cardboard cut-outs. Unlike the cardboard props, you do not have to own the Led screens; you can simply rent them for the duration of the trade show. The props however, you are stuck with forever.

Give out tech-related freebies

Every booth in the trade show is going to hand out freebies to visitors. Instead of the usual t-shirt or baseball cap, give away tech-related freebies. A branded mouse-pad or memory stick is a lot more likely to draw in the visitors than a plus-sized t-shirt that won’t fit the same after the first wash. Yes, tech and gadget related freebies do cost a bit more, but this is a classic example of ‘you get what you pay for’. You may have to dole out some extra cash to get a memory stick instead of a cap, but it’ll definitely be worth the extra cost.

If you’re ever preparing to get a booth at a trade show, keep these helpful tips in mind and they will guide you to trade show success.

This post is written by Harry Hoppins. He is an event organizer and helps provide useful tips and strategies related to it. He also suggests taking mobile led screens for hire, thus making your event stand out in terms of creativity and attractiveness,

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