Advice For Those Struggling with a Noisy Computer Fan

A computer fan should run relatively quietly in the background. It shouldn’t make so much noise that you struggle to get on with work or watch the video that you want to. Noisy fans are ones that are no longer working correctly. There are reasons for this to happen and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace it. Here is some help when dealing with noise computer fans.

image0011.      Clean Your Computer! You need to make sure that your whole computer is clean. If you regularly run your computer with the case removed, stop that right now! You are letting a lot of dirt and dust get into your computer and it is stopping it from working properly. The case is there for a reason – to keep your computer clean!

You will need to use some products to make sure the inner workings of your device remain clean. This is something that you need to do regularly, even if you keep the case on, because dust will settle into the fan and damage it.

2.      Clean All Fans Regularly: If you don’t have the time for a full computer clean, you should at least clean all the fans. While you will know about the main fan at the back or side of your PC, there are others within the system, mainly the CPU fan. Make sure you get into each of the fans to give them a clean.

If the fan sounds strange when running, it is possible that there is something lodged in it. This could stop the problems altogether.

3.      Consider Moving the Computer: You may find that the loud noise is due to overheating. This is often because a fan has become blocked or because the computer needs moving from where it is. If you are working where direct sunlight hits the computer, it will make the computer overheat quicker. The fan then has to do more work and will sound louder.

Where this is the case, make sure the fan is unblocked or move the device from its current location. You will need to unplug all the extra components and carry as little as possible when moving to avoid damaging the device.

4.      Replacing the Fans: You could opt for replacing the fans if there is still a problem after the clean. The best thing to do is narrow it down to the individual fan to help you save money instead of replacing something for the sake of it.

When it comes to the power supply fan, you should replace the whole power supply system. If you buy a new fan, it is possible that it is too big for the original system or requires more power than the original system is capable of giving. This just causes overheating problems and further issues with the device.

Looking after your computer will help to avoid issues with the fans. They need cleaning regularly, along with remaining unblocked so that air can get around the system. Noise is a sign that the fans are struggling so look after them as soon as possible.

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Kattie Mattsson, a tech expert. She has worked with many people to help improve their computers and android devices. She recommends reading for all your computer and technology needs.

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