Bra that Detects Breast Cancer

Cancer Detecting Bra

Cancer Detecting Bra

Till the human species is active on the planet Earth, a constant series of technological advancement with ever new inventions would never come to an end. Now cloths, especially undergarments, are being designed and synthesized to serve the purpose of life protecting force. A garments company in United States of America claims to have developed a prototype in the form of bra which is incorporated with the latest technological equipment. This character of the cloth enables it efficiently and accurately screen for the breast cancer detection in the wearer. It serves as the best ever technique for the timely detection of the fatal abnormality. As a result, the treatment of the disease can be properly started in the early stages of the disease spread before it is too late to cure. So the credit of saving a precious human life ultimately goes to this latest technology.

The news about this fashionable bra technology has been most recently broadcast by a famous TV channel. It said that the bra contained the first warning system and was dubbed as the “life saver”. It will alert the wearing women even before the disease sets it roots and starts propagating. Though the wearing of the bra creates no feelings of uneasiness, but it is generally designed to be worn for about 12 hours. It is supplied with heat sensors. These sensors make use of a kind of thermography with the help of which they can detect the changes in temperature. On the basis of these changes in breast temperature, it will be possible to notice a cancerous tumor growing in the breast region of the human body.

This fist warning system is said to be about ninety percent accurate. Though at this time, the bra technology is in its juvenile experimental stages, it is supposed to have great validity and applicability as soon as its finished product is developed which is expected very soon. A specialist of Women’s Imaging, Dr. David Priest, is of the view that this fresh technology will not only detect the growth of tumor but also confirm the diagnosis of the life-thirsty disease. He works at a hospital in San Francisco. He further confirms that the exact location of the tumor would also be possible with this technique.

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