Cell Phone Billing Plans – Weigh The Benefits Before You Opt In

mobile phone billing managementMost people are likely to get confused when choosing a monthly billing plan for their cell phone, and this is only natural. Telecom providers now offer an abundance of plans for subscribers, and there is nothing new with people choosing a plan that barely suits their needs. It may be their sales reps, or their promising advertisements or a simple lack of knowledge that makes consumers opt for the first plan they hear. Whether you are buying a new cell phone and want a plan to go with it, or you simply wish to upgrade or downgrade your existing plan, it is essential that you have a clear idea of your needs. A plan which may seem affordable and tempting might not be the one which suits your needs, and therefore a proper research of your requirement becomes necessary.

When it comes to the core, cell phone billing plans typically aim at providing connectivity. This is one of the main reasons why most basic plans offer affordable calling rates. However, if you have a high-end mobile phone, you may demand some other features. Subscribers can choose between pre paid or post paid plans, although the choice also depends on your telecom provider, at least to some extent.

Phone Plans – Pre Paid and Post paid

Prepaid plans, as the term itself implies, do not include a contract. A subscriber chooses to purchase airtime as and per his needs, and should he require more, additional purchases can be made.  In contrast, post paid plans usually come with a contract. Your telecom service provider allots you a fixed number of calling minutes per billing cycle, and the bills are generated on a monthly basis. All major service providers offer these plans. However, you must understand that each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While a pre paid plan gives you the flexibility of spending only as much as you want, going with a post paid plan allows you to purchase handsets at a comparatively lower cost.

When choosing a plan for your cell phone, it is important to consider the features you want. For example, many find the unlimited calling feature to be greatly beneficial. And because everyone has their own preferences, most service providers offer unlimited calling in a variety of forms. Some plans include unlimited calling on weekends and night, while there are others which allow you to call your favorite numbers anytime during the day. For users who are tech-savvy, a plan which offers internet and email access may also be ideal. Texting is a common activity these days, and even lets you be in touch with your friends when you cannot actually speak to them. A majority of cell phone plans bundle all these three together, although this will of course be slightly higher priced. Pre paid plans, even with a combination of these three features, will cost you relatively less, and are ideal for people looking to save on their monthly phone expenses.

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