Direct Mail Marketing Success: Tips for Designing Postcards


1350184_letterbox_with_mail (1)While it seems all marketing has gone the way of the World Wide Web, offline marketing still holds great importance. Direct mail remains one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. Post cards, in particular, can be especially effective,and with their relatively low cost, a well-designed piece can get you a very good return on your investment. Here are some tips for designing a card that will connect with your target market.

Do Not Ignore the Mailing Side

While the mailing side of the card (the part with the address) must have a certain amount of free space, as dictated by post office rules, you should consider putting something there that will entice readers to flip the card over. The mailman is most likely to put this side of the card facing up, and will be the first thing the recipient sees. Think of a good ‘’teaser’’ that will pique interest about your product or service.

Stick to One Main Idea

While it might be tempting to crowd in as much information as possible, it is best to stick to one main idea per card. Decide on what you want to focus on, what message you want to send, and what you want the recipient to take from viewing the post card. You are not working with a lot of space, so you need to be economical with your words and images.

Include a Call to Action

Whatever it is you hope people receiving the postcard will do, make sure you explicitly state it. You may think that there would be no need to do this, but it can make a big difference. Perfect example—do you know that on Twitter, it was found that people who ask for retweets were more likely to have their posts retweeted than people who did not? If you run an MLM business and want them to visit your website to get a free e-book or some other bonus,tell them that. If you want people to call for more information, tell them that.

Define Your Target Audience and Design Accordingly

When marketing, it is tempting to try and be everything to everyone, but for most products and services, there tends to be a core group of people that is most likely to respond to what you are offering. When designing your postcard, it is important to think carefully about who your group is. You will get much farther with a piece that really speaks to this group than something general.

Do Not Try to Close the Deal

Sure, you are sending out postcards to make sales; but, a postcard is not the place where you try and close the deal. You simply do not have enough space to outline everything a prospect needs to make a decision. The point of the postcard is to encourage interest and have people reach out to you for more information. Stick to features and benefits; include your call to action. To create a sense of urgency, you might consider listing some sort of time-sensitive special offer.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things sales and marketing; she recommends you visit to review the quality printing services of Printing 4 Less.

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