Get Out The Whiteboard, It’s Ideal For Staff Training

Whiteboards can be as easy as child's playThe days of flipcharts are almost numbered. Since technology has changed our lives in such a big way, it’s no wonder that computers are revolutionising the way we train our staff, too. Using interactive media technology can sound like a scary thing to start with, if it’s a little less familiar than the trustworthy pen and paper. Using an interactive whiteboard, however, brings in a wealth of benefits to those who want to transform their staff training and presentations.


What’s a Whiteboard?

You may already be aware of interactive whiteboards, but if you’re not, then here’s the detail in a nutshell. The best way to train your staff effectively is to give them a big visual illustration of what you’re trying to say and a white board is essentially a projection of your computer screen, but one that you can interact with and modify.

Whiteboards are equipped with a ‘pen’ tool as standard, meaning that you can draw, write or illustrate on your big projected screen. The board uses sensors to tell where the pen interacts with the screen, so you can watch your writing appear on the screen without any ink or wires! Most staff learn well through visual illustrations as well as hearing you talk; training them with a whiteboard has been proven to be one of the most effective, interactive, and potentially creative ways to help your staff learn!


Interactive technology isn’t just about you writing on an electronic board, whiteboards allow you to do some incredible things! Presentation software and whiteboards go hand in hand, and the technology makes things possible that would have never been before. Insert a video and simply click to play it, whilst animating text and images to explain your point! Why not pause the video, and highlight some important points that you can see in that particular part? Your staff can raise points and suggestions that you can add in there and then. When you move on to the next slide, all your scribbles are automatically saved onto your hard drive.

Presenting via a whiteboard offers a fantastic range of opportunities, but not just for training in a business sense. Staff around the world are utilising the training capabilities of interactive technology in hundreds of different areas. In education especially, students and teachers alike benefit from it. It’s vital to an education body that they keep up with the best methods of teaching and learning!

Getting up to Speed

Managing your time can be somewhat of a balancing act, learning interactive technology shouldn't add another plate to spin!

When stood in front of your staff, colleagues, or even your boss, presenting can be nerve wracking. The last thing that you want to do is to invest in interactive whiteboard technology, and have something go wrong, or even not know how to utilise it to its full potential. Thankfully, training is available to help you make the most of your investment.

Specialist companies can work closely with you as an employer to help you deliver the fantastic training sessions to your staff. They will help you revolutionise the way you present, and help you stay at the forefront of your industry by keeping everyone up to speed. Not only will they help you to master the great whiteboard technology, they will also help you develop specific programmes that are unique to your environment and objectives.

Unfortunately, not every CEO has the time during the week to take a day off; some businesses need their leaders 9-5 to keep them running! A great way to learn the new technology and how to use the whiteboard training effectively to access the support you need online.

Assisted online training means that you can learn at your own pace, and fit it around your busy schedule. If adapting to new technology is second nature, then you’ll speed through and be delivering the best training sessions you’ve ever done in no time. Those who don’t grasp new elements as quickly however, can take it at their own pace until they are confident in their understanding.


Interactive technology presents you with a fantastic opportunity. Train your staff more efficiently, and more effectively than you ever have before. Make the most of the tuition available, and deliver outstanding training sessions that bring your staff up to speed in an interactive and engaging way. Make a great investment, and get out the whiteboard!

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An article by Business Writer Samuel Dumont.

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