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Do you like music? Do you have many printed music sheets that are lying around because you do not know what they will sound like? Well, now they will sing aloud at one touch. Gocen is dream come true of music lover. If you love to make symphonies then this gadget will come in handy. You can write music and test it right there right now. You do not have to wait or grab your instrument and go through the tiresome process over and over again. This little wonder is nothing new yet it is so new at the same time. This gadget works on the OMR technology more commonly known as Optical Music Recognition. Well some Japanese developers took it upon themselves to modernize this old technology.

Well, to sum up the long story. These guys programmed this little gadget which will recognize the written notes and play them out loud for your benefit. It can play the notes just like almost all the instruments. However, the most popular and most used instruments are guitar, bass, piano, drums and many more.

You can manually play the notes, automatically play the notes, increase or decrease the pitch of the notes, control the velocity of the sound and so much more. Also you can also use it as a recorder. It can record different audios and make the work much easier for you. The Gocen has buttons for each of its unique functions and you can use them pretty easily.

You can use this gadget to learn music in a better, easier and more human manner. You will just have to move the gadget over the notes and it will automatically play it for you. You can make the necessary tweaks that you need to make your music perfect.

Playing music in real time has never been this much fun. However, it is not on the market yet but it will be soon and you will be able to buy it. The critics are thinking that this little music player will be a little expensive than we are anticipating.

  • Gocen-The Music Reader

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