iPhone and Android Passed Nokia

Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Android devices passed both Nokia in smartphone sales in the second quarter, according to ABI Research

Both Apple and Samsung, Nokia in the global smartphone sales passed in the second quarter, according to ABI Research.

android and iphone passed nokia in 2nd quarter

android and iphone passed nokia in 2nd quarter

Apple shipped over 20.3 million iPhones in order to take the number 1 position. Samsung follows with 19 million smartphones sold, including more than 5 million Google Android-based Galaxy II devices in less than three months.
Android resurgence

Nokia shipped 16.7 million phones represent, while Research In Motion No. 4 with 13.2 million smartphones sold an 11 percent decline from Q2 2010.

Comprised a total of 46.4 percent from 103 million Android phones sold in Q2, Android shows the global reach is even in the face of the famous iPhone great.

An interesting story is how Android has led a boom in business smartphone from Samsung. Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones helped the company tally 34 percent of Android smartphone shipments. HTC Android was No. 2 in unit share by 23 percent.

“Although Apple’s 142 percent compared to the same quarter last year she placed as No. 1 in this quarter, Samsung 500 percent shows [compared to the year] growth, that going forward, the top smartphone OEM losing position from Samsung,” said ABI Research senior Analyst Michael Morgan.

There could be two big events going on, the impact of the smart phone market ecosystem going forward, including a situation that could slow Samsung Morgan enthusiasm for Android mobile phone sales.

First, Samsung and Apple are in serious patent infringement litigation, which ultimately decide, could the fate of the two Apple’s ability to IOS and Samsung involved the ability to sell Android phones. Apple accused of copying its mobile-Samsung-Samsung designs and fired back counterclaim.

This case is one of many Apple has brought against Android mobile phone manufacturers. However, Apple won a small victory when HTC this month lost a motion to have patent infringement filed against it dismissed by Apple for its Android phones.

If HTC is found injured, it will be prohibited from selling Android phones, what priority would have dire consequences for the rest of the suspect Android OEMs such as Samsung and Motorola.

The second major event is on the horizon. Samsung is his Galaxy II-phones in the United States next month. Apple is expected that through the introduction of the iPhone in September against five.

If early enthusiasm is any indication-and the hype is for both the Galaxy and S II 5 iPhone will set the stage for the next big battle for smartphone fall shopping season set.

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