Make Your Office Space Special

If you own a business or manage an office one of your most important responsibilities is to create a productive work space and keep your workforce efficient. There are several ways to successfully accomplish that.

Paying attention to your employees and making sure they are happy, relaxed, and stress free is number one. Another important responsibility is keeping your work space clean, neat, and interesting. Not only will that help to keep the office space happy and productive it will also make sure that any client or visitor gets that amazing first impression that is so important.

Make your office space as light and open as possible to create the illusion that you have more room than you actually do. Bring in live plants and flowers to brighten the area and also to help with air quality. Potted plants like rhododendrons or ferns are great for brightening any enclosed space. Another innovative idea for improving your office space and air quality is adding a fountain.

A water fountain could be just the thing needed to encourage a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. Nothing soothes like the sound of running water, and the positively charged ions in the fountain also acts as natural attractants to dust and other particulates in the air. Many floor or wall mounted fountains can even be customized with your business logo.

When arranging the desks and cubicles in your office area make sure, if there is room, that each desk has at least a small open space in the front. Keeping the desk clean of clutter and stacks of unnecessary papers is also a help. Cluttered and messy work areas will drain the energy and efficiency right out of a workforce.

Make sure your office furniture is up to date and well cared for. Mismatched or damaged office furniture will only foster the impression that you don’t care about the environment of your employees or how you look to potential clients. Plus, updating the interior of your office often has an uplifting effect on employees.

Help your employees invest a little of themselves into your business by encouraging them to bring pictures and mementos from home. Let them decorate their personal working space with knickknacks and sentimental items. When they are more personally invested in their work they are more likely to be efficient and productive.

Another way to improve the atmosphere and productivity of your office is to encourage teamwork and camaraderie. A great way to do this is to start a recycling effort in the office. Have your employees throw all of their bottles and cans into designated bins. Start a schedule and have each employee in the office take a turn ferrying the weekly recycling to the nearest recycling center. That way everyone shares in the duties.

Any one of these ideas is a great way to improve the atmosphere and overall well being of your office and staff. When your employees are content then that makes it easier for you to relax and enjoy the day to day operations of your business.

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