Managed Hosting Is Best Solution To Give Up Some Control Over IT Infrastructure

Selecting a managed colocation provider can be a tricky process, especially for businesses who do not know what to expect.  Along with asking all of the necessary questions there are a variety of additional inquiries specific to how each piece of hardware will be managed.  Asking these questions not only provides insight into what services are included in the managed colocation package, but also presents some additional information about how skilled the on-site technicians are.

What is Monitored on Each Server?

One of the most important questions to ask when choosing a managed colocation provider is what exactly is being monitored on each server.  It is imperative for businesses to understand what metrics are being monitored on each server as well as how they will be alerted if an abnormality presents itself.  Along with abnormalities, resource limitation should be monitored as well.  For example, businesses should be alerted or notified when they are about to run out of disk space.  Depending upon the businesses preferences, how the alert is sent may matter as well.  The most common options are be an e-mail, text message, or phone call.

What Happens When a Server Malfunctions?

Along with having a firm understanding of what is monitored on each server, it is also important to know what steps will be taken by the managed colocation provider when a server malfunctions.  Many industry experts state this is the most important question to ask when comparing managed colocation providers.  It is vital to know if someone is on-site and available 24-7 in the event something goes wrong.  Knowing who will be on-site to troubleshoot is important as well because lower quality managed colocation providers may not keep trained professionals on-site around-the-clock.  Additionally, knowing who is responsible for parts and labor in order to fix the problem as well is who will coordinate the solution should be identified as well.

Are Changes to the Server Tracked or Logged?

Even though a business isn’t required to do much hands-on work with their equipment with a managed colocation package, it is still important for them to know what changes have been made to each server.  For example, it is important to know the when, how, and what anytime a patch or update is applied.

Is the Data Being Backed Up Regularly?  How?

Some managed colocation providers automatically include data backup as part of their service, while others do not.  It is not only important to know whether or not this service is included, but also what type of backup system it is and the process taken to utilize it.  Common questions related to data backup include on-site versus off-site, online versus tape, how often is it backed up, and how long will the data be kept.  Getting answers to these questions is the only way to ensure the managed colocation provider has taken adequate steps to prevent or eliminate data loss.

Don’t Forget About the Standard Colocation Questions

Along with asking managed colocation specific questions, it is important to always ask the standard Houston colocation service questions as well.  Common questions include what tier data center are the servers hosted at, what type of support is available, what kind of physical security is in place, and any specific questions about the service level agreement which may arise.

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Clint White discusses colocation opportunities in the Houston Area.  He believes that investing colocation services should be considered by any company that wants to keep data safe. Clint helps educate readers about the benefits of colocation and data centers for companies of all sizes.

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