Mind Controlled Automatic Robot

Mind Controlled Robotic Arm

Mind Controlled Robotic Arm

Here comes the real marvel of the 2nd decade of 21st century! Physical impairment is the worst depravity ever. But this depravity now stands overcome with the cutting edge invention in the field of robotic technology. Now physically handicapped are advised to shed off their mourning cloak and relish the fruit of post-modern scientific revolution. Most recently, the researchers have come up with the exceptional development of a robotic equipment which can be controlled with the help of you mind. It means an artificially created robotic limb can work just like the same say as normal human organs do while following the organizational and operational instructions from mind.

The rehabilitation of inactive or paralyzed parts of the body and thus the achievement of independence by physically handicapped people can be realized from the actual experimental evidence. A victim suffering from a stroke of paralysis was operated upon for a brain implantation. The patient was witnessed to direct an artificial robotic arm for the accomplishment of certain basic activities.

The joy of John Donoghue, knew no bounds when he was able to achieve this landmark success. It was the result of the laborious research work for many years in Brain Science. He had been associated Brown University working as the director of the Institute for Brain Science. His utmost desire was to obtain signals from the brains of paralyzed patients and get them translated into instructions for the movement of artificial human organs, especially, limbs. Finally, to his very surprise, a fifty-eight years old woman was able to control a mechanical hand and arm which she had lost in a stroke. Just by thinking, Cathy Hutchinson raised a coffee-bottle to her mouth. While overjoyed, John Daonghue requested his colleagues to purchase the costliest video camera and record the historic moment in the HD display.

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