Now You Will Not Loose Your Important Things

If you are prone to losing your things then this is the gadget you will like. Looks like some geek had the same problem like the rest of us. Well, this amazing little device is transparent and works like magic. It works on a very easy system. When you will buy the Finder you will get some stickers with it as well. You will just have to take one of those stickers and put it on the thing you usually (or mostly) forget. Then you need to name that object.

RFID Locator

RFID Locator

The whole gadget is transparent and you it is touch sensitive. You will have an on screen keyboard that you will use to input name of that object. Once you are done you will just have to hit save, and you are ready to look it up whenever you lose it. Still wondering how it works?

It is an RFID Locator. The sticker will act as a tracker, once you put a sticker on an object and save it on the main terminal, it will be saved on it. If you lose your object, say your key for example, you will just have to use the main touch screen gadget. You will have to touch the name “key” (or whatever you have written) on the screen.

How It Works

How It Works

The transparent device will act like a GPRS machine and show you where that key is. You will get exact distance and the exact directions to where you have placed your key. See this is as simple as that.

Experts and the developers are saying that this is the best gadget of its kind ever made. It is also thought to be the most accurate “Finder” yet. The price of this gadget is not so bad either. You can buy this gadget at the price of $69.9, although there are certain discounts and deals that you will like. You can actually buy it from any online gadget store at great discounts.

So you forgetful people better get a move on before the stocks run out.

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