Relive Family Memories by Restoring Cine Film to Digital DVD Formats

Loads of people have old cine films of things they’ve done in the past which are the only real records of events that happened in their lives. With technology today being so advanced, nobody watches cine films anymore, but all is not lost because it is possible to relive family memories by restoring cine film to digital DVD formats for family and friends to enjoy for years to come.

16mm cine film can be converted to a DVD format of choice

16mm cine film can be converted to a DVD format of choice

Preserving Precious Memories for Generations

There are many companies offering a professional service to transfer cine film to DVD formats which means memories are preserved for future generations to watch and enjoy. Most companies offer a specialist service where they can convert a person’s home movies from Single/Standard 8, Super 8 Cine, 9.5mm cine film and 16mm cine film transfer to a DVD format of choice whether it’s DVCAM or QuickTime to name but two available.

Choosing the Right Company

It’s really important to choose a reputable company to send your precious home movies to. They need to be well established and boast state of the art equipment and have the latest technology at their fingertips. You need to know your memories are in safe hands and that you’ll get them back in a great format you can cherish for years to come.

What to Look For in a Company

You need to make sure the company uses the most up-to-date converter technology so the end product boasts an outstanding audio and picture quality. Once you’ve found the right company, the process of sending them your cine film is relatively simple and is usually done by registered mail after having received a firm quote from them. If you’ve chosen to use a local firm, customers can normally drop their home movies in to them directly.

Precious memories relived by transferring cine film to a DVD format

Precious memories relived by transferring cine film to a DVD format

A reputable, well established company will check your cine film for any damage and carry out any necessary repairs in-house. They’ll clean the film through a special cleaning machine before they start the process of scanning it. Some companies offer an extra cleaning service for an additional cost which involves using an ultra-sonic cleaning machine.

The great thing about converting cine film to a DVD format is that colours can be corrected and digitally enhanced, improving the end product no end. When ready, the film is then scanned so it can be reproduced in a digital format. When it comes to improving audio, this is usually done using a digital vision noise reducer so the sound quality of the DVD is second to none.

Expert Colour Correction

Seeing cine film footage converted to a chosen DVD format is a great experience, especially as the technicians take into account the era the film was shot and then enhance the colours to look like it was shot that day and it’s all achieved with state of the art equipment and the latest technologies.

Another great thing about transferring home movies from cine film to a DVD format is you can ask for some editing to be done on the film. Anything you don’t like can be taken out and the film will appear seamless and thoroughly authentic.


Preserving memories is important and most home movies record events and things that happen in a person’s life that are memorable and fun. Being able to watch them again in a DVD format is a great experience that can be shared with family and friends or if you prefer it’s great to relive family memories by restoring cine film to digital DVD formats with your nearest and dearest which is always fun.


Image credits: uniondocs and jasand1980

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