Staying Storage Savvy: Keeping Data

Technology is commonplace and can be found both at home and at work. Its high prominence means computer data is becoming more and more important and whether it is vital work documents or valuable data stored at home, we increasingly rely on computers to keep our important information safe.

computer Storage SavvyAs such, any tech savvy expect needs to know a thing or two about data storage. Specifically, it helps to know what ways there are to store information, aside from the typical hard-drive. These should then provide suitable back-up options so that, should anything happen, you don’t lose your information.


Whilst we already mentioned the hard drive, you can still use it to back-up your work. Partitioning, as the name suggests, separates the hard drive into different sections. As such, if one gets wiped or something similar occurs, the other can still be used. Backing up files onto other partitions can prove useful.

That said, it’s still at risk if something was to happen to the hard drive entirely, such as physical damage.

External hard drive

Although it’s very simple technology in its concept, there’s no denying the benefits of external Hard Drives & Storage. Well known manufacturers such as Toshiba often specialise in providing safe variations of this. The ability to plug in and go makes them very beneficial, whilst the portable size means you can keep them on you when you need to.

Your best option in this regard is an external hard drive, as this can provide space of up to 1.5 terabytes; more than enough for most people’s needs. Likewise, a USB storage pen can be seen in a similar regard although often on a much smaller scale and, arguably, not as secure.


A growing alternative, that still has a few sceptics, is using the Cloud. This is essentially storing your data on a remote server somewhere else where you are able to access it. As such, it’s similar to partitioning but you’re not exposed to the same risks as with a hard drive.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there are no risks at all. For those using cloud storage you are using a remote server through an online connection as your only form of access. Secondly, you’re at the mercy of whichever cloud provider you are using. When it comes to very important data, this is something that may need to be researched before you decide which option is best with the security and privacy of the Cloud always the biggest concern.

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