The New Blackberry Devices For The Generation Of The New Millennia

So when you think about Blackberry devices, what image comes to mind? A middle-aged businessman with a device consisting of a crammed keyboard and a small display yet outstanding email and web connectivity come to mind. This is the main reputation of the Blackberry, yet the Blackberry devices have no appeal to youngsters. And now even the business class is shifting to other popular mobile operating systems. There are many reasons for their downfall but a failure to seek online reputation management is one of the pivotal reasons.

blackberry deviesRecently the Research in Motion (RIM) has launched a series of new devices to renew its reputation. To counter the past effects and gain better foothold in the new market, the RIM has even renamed itself as BlackBerry. Some of its reputation management efforts are as follows:

1         Launch of the new mobile OS: The new devices of the BlackBerry come with a new operating system labeled as BB10. This OS comes along with much anticipated improvements and features as desired by longtime BB devices users.

2         Touch devices: BlackBerry has also, for the first time, launched devices with complete touch interface. This is a very impressive step from the manufacturer whose earlier devices relied heavily on the physical keyboard and buttons.

3         In-house app store: BlackBerry has also launched an in-house app store where a swath of customization and utility apps are available for the general public.

4         Integration with Facebook and other social networking sites: The new OS is also able to integrate with the many popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. These integrations allow the BlackBerry devices to attract the young users of smart phones as they are the main users and actively participate in building or ruining the reputation of any new OS or device.

Will the changes and bold steps taken by the management of the newly formed BlackBerry group pay off in a good way or end in a disaster? Only time can answer this question, but we must admit that a new operating system and a magnitude of new devices are a welcome addition to the current ecosystem of mobile devices which is largely dominated by Apple’s iOS (iPhone Operating System) and Microsoft’s Winmo (Windows Mobile) devices and Google Inc.’s Android operating system.

However, the competition with the new Blackberry devices will be extremely stiff, as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the current top contenders. Google is able to capture the smartphone operating system by incorporating its operating system in almost every mobile phone brand like Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony. Moreover, the excellent sales figures and popularity of Apple’s iPhone devices have made the Apple’s iPhone operating system a top contender of the mobile OS title. Nokia is also trying extremely hard to get a piece of the mobile OS pie with its collaboration with Microsoft and the newly launched Windows Mobile 8.

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The author is a big fan of mobile operating systems and a professional online reputation management expert. He writes these blogs not only to share his opinion about technology but also to engage with his readers.

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