Three Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For Driverless Cars


Driverless Car

We’ve all heard media reports for many years now about how the world of the future is likely to see us getting around the office on hover boards and enjoying lunch in the form of a pretty little coloured capsule, and I for one can’t wait till that day arrives. In recent years, the advent of the driverless car has started to become a reality, although in practical terms the universal adoption of such technology may be some way off.

It would seem that it’s only a matter of time before we get into our cars and simply tell the on-board computer where we want to go. We can then sit back and relax while our vehicle transports us effortlessly to our destination in comfort. While some people may bemoan the fact that technology is leading to us becoming lazier and less motivated, I say bring it on, and bring it on soon. Here are three things I want to do while I’m on the roads of tomorrow.

Drink a beer

Obviously, drink-driving is a no-no, and it has rightly been so for many decades, but when the computer is doing the work I would imagine the day will come when we can have a few drinks and simply enjoy being a passenger perfectly legally. The thought of sitting in the driver’s seat with a cold brewski is an appealing one, so I will be urging the legislators to hurry up and change the law as soon as it becomes necessary.

Have a swim

Now, I realise that a car with a swimming pool is a rare animal indeed, but I would imagine that once we don’t have to worry about actually driving the damned thing we can think about all the accessories we would like to see. I like the idea of thinking big, so I’m imagining a huge vehicle with a long swimming pool and maybe even a Jacuzzi in the stern. I use the term stern because my car is going to be the size of a small ship.

Do some shopping

I’ve always hated wandering aimlessly around the local mall, so the advent of Internet shopping made my life easier from day one. And once I have my giant driverless car I will be able to spend longer journeys surfing the web to see what other gadgets I’m likely to need. First on my wish list is destined to be a James Bond-style jet-pack, for when I can’t be bothered to use forty-four wheels, closely followed by sunglasses that can see through buildings and songs that can simply be injected directly into my brain.

Sam Wilkes works for, and he is eagerly looking forward to the future.

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