Wireless Smart Phone Charging

Toyota Avalon 2013

Toyota Avalon 2013

To the very surprise of the consumer of portable devices such as smart-phones, the Qi “lower power” wireless power transmission standard supports up to 5 watts electric power but most of your portable devices which are charged through a wire or cable charger require up to about 2.5 watts of electric power. And the “medium power” standard reaches up to 120 Watts! Then why should you be involved in the hassle of carrying a number of cable chargers with wires intermingled and badly confused, and organize them in haste while going to attend an emergency situation? The mechanism of wireless charging is very simple. You only have to put your phone on the power transmitting or charging device. Anyhow, power can also be transmitted across a distance of about 1.6 inches.

Since its invention, generation, transmission and application, could anyone think that one day electric power would be transmitted from one device, i.e. transmitter, to the other, i.e. receiver without a conducting wire? Yes, something once only a dream has now come to be called a concrete reality. The Wireless Power Consortium which consists of roughly twenty member companies has recently introduced “lower power” standard for the wireless electric power transmission for the purpose of charging a portable handy devices including a mobile phone. According to the WPC’s lower power standard, wireless electric power transmitting device can transmit up to 5 watts of electric current to the receiving device.

The Wireless Power Consortium is now planning for another standard called “medium power” for wireless electric power transmission which would be supporting up to 120 watts. This standard is expected to be achieved soon.

While at home, you can somehow manage to charge your smart-phone, but what to do when you are traveling? The trend of wireless mobile charging is getting immense popularity also in automobiles of personal usage, like a car. The mechanism involved in the wireless power transmission is that of magnetic induction. Toyota Avalon would be the first car having this technology, that is being launched in 1st Quarter of 2013.

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