World’s Fastest Hypersonic Jet

X-43 Hypersonic Jet

X-43 Hypersonic Jet

It is only time and time that matters the most! In the post-modern race for progress and, especially, for survival, the only thing you want to save is time. In this age, even the fast flying planes travel much slower than you have to. Then why not opt for the fastest ever aircrafts in the world. The latest technology has now realized the dream of achieving hypersonic speeds.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, an agency of the USA, has recently launched a project of technological marvel, called X-43. It has been designed to evaluate different phenomena of the hypersonic flights. That is why it is unmanned and primarily experimental in its practical application. Being a part of the Hyper-X program, the aircraft has broken a number of previous speed records in the category of jet propulsion. Its maximum speed has been recorded to be 10,461 kilometers per hour. Before its launch, the X-43 aircraft is placed on the top of the booster rocket which is actually a modified form of the Pegasus Rocket. This placement of the aircraft on the top of rocket is dubbed as Stack. When stack achieves the altitude and speed of the set target, the rocket is discarded and the aircraft uses its one scramjet engine to fly freely.

A version of the X-43, called X-43A has been designed especially for test purposes. After the completion of the test, the aircrafts crashed either into North or the South Pacific Ocean. Its length was not more than 4 meters while weighing about 1,300 kilograms. Instead of wings, the vehicle depends on the size and shape of its body for flight. Even while gliding with the highest possible speeds, the aircraft remained completely under control. In the first successful test flight, the aircraft was fueled approximately 1 kg of hydrogen. Such aircrafts, unlike rockets, do not use oxygen for fueling. These light-weight vehicles are expected to play very significant role in the near future especially for carrying heavy payload into the space.

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