World’s Fastest Super Computer

Titan Super Computer

Titan Super Computer

The world’s fastest ever super-computer wins the highest grade title. A computer with CPU stands outdated now! In the post modern technological race, a computer with just Central Processing Unit is incapable of achieving the required ends. Here there is the need of combined technology, i.e. the combination of CPU and Graphics Processing Unit to develop an ultimate super-computer called Titan.

The position of the world’s fastest super-computer was previously held by Sequoia Super-Computer which was owned by NNSA, a part of the United States Department of Energy. The total number of nodes in Titan is about 18,688 and processors are approximately  560,640.

The amazingly super high speed and extraordinarily high efficiency of super-computer Titan can be realized from the fact that it is capable of generating more than 17 quadrillion operations in just one second. On the other hand, the Sequoia super-computer was capable of performing about 16 quadrillion operations in one second. Jeff Nichols, an official at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in his interview, said that it was not possible to keep on continuously increasing the supercomputing capacity of a CPU computer. That is why the combination of CPU with GPU was essential for the achievement of unprecedented super-computing speed.

The Titan super-computer is the product of cutting-edge technological success and is furnished with a variety of brand new and astonishing features which would be of immeasurable significance for conducting research in a number of modern disciplines including modern materials, climatic changes, energy, etc. It has a lot of potential for decreasing the national carbon footprint in the United States of America. It is especially designed for carrying out numerous research projects in the field of nuclear energy. It can also help make the conventional combustion engines of vehicles to be much more efficient than ever before by the modification of their existing designs.

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